Property Sellers

MBB Realty Advisors, Inc. has earned a legacy of success in the Culver City area with property sellers, with our steady growth sustained by our many repeat seller clients. The proven performance of MBB Realty Advisors, Inc. property sale services can add tangible value to your home or commercial property selling process, turning what can be a complex undertaking into a streamlined and profitable process.

The MBB Realty Advisors, Inc. suite of services begins with a detailed property evaluation to give us an accurate sense of the property’s value on the current market. We can create a report of similar properties in the area that have recently sold, as well as making suggestions to bolster its value before sale with our deep knowledge of local market trends based on the information we compile, allowing us to establish a list price that is appropriately attractive to buyers.

Next, we devise a marketing campaign for your property that highlights its strongest offerings to help attract potential buyers, taking professional quality portraits and meticulously outlining the unique amenities your property provides. We can also create a virtual tour to transport interested buyers directly to your premises and give them a clear view of the benefits of investing in your property.

While interest builds in your listing, we keep a careful eye on market updates that could affect the value of your property and adapt our selling strategies to suit the current conditions. We submit your listing across a broad range of the most widely used real estate marketing platforms, ensuring the highest possible level of visibility and fast closing on the most desirable properties in the Culver City area.

When potential buyers have been identified, we will represent you during the negotiation and closing process to ensure your interests are protected. We can also facilitate detailed inspections and repair negotiations with the end goal of a satisfactory deal for both buyer and seller. Property sales in Culver City require expert guidance for outstanding outcomes, and at MBB Realty Advisors, Inc. we specialize in delivering it. Call now to speak with one of our helpful representatives.